Ponte di March

Mountain Cultural/natural/religious point of interest

This arched brick bridge is on the mule track which crossed the San Jorio pass, (also known as 'Strada Maria Teresa' (Maria Theresa Road) in memory of the Austrian Empress who contributed to its repair) linking Roverdo and Dongo. Some parts of the track are still clearly visible.

Cappella di S.Rocco

Hill/level ground Cultural/natural/religious point of interest

This chapel, in an isolated position on the hill of Carasole, has a nave with a flat ceiling and a cross-vaulted choir. Traces of a Last Supper of the school of Seregno (second half of the 15th century) are visible on one of the walls; there are also some wooden sculptures attributable to the school of Ivo Srigel from Bavaria.

Casa de Gabrieli

Mountain Cultural/natural/religious point of interest

In the district of Rugno, above San Giulio, with its cobblestone alleys and peasants? cottages in the typical local style with wooden balconies accessed via outside stone staircases, is the house of the famous builder Gabriele de Gabrieli (1671-1747), architect at the court of the Prince-Bishop of Eichstatt (Bavaria). In his will, dated 1746, he bequeathed the building, made up of three older rural dwellings joined together and renovated in the 18th century, to house a boarding school.

Palazzo Comacio

Mountain Cultural/natural/religious point of interest

This impressive square building, arranged on three almost identical levels, was erected in around 1670 by Tommaso Comacio: it is possibly the only example of a civil engineering project designed and built directly by a local magistrate. The four tower-like projections at the corners make the building look like a fortified dwelling.

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