Torchio di Palanzo

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In the hamlet of Palanzo you can admire an old wine press dating back to 1572, owned by the town council. Legend has it that it was made from the trunk of a walnut tree and used on the actual spot where the tree had grown. The press was made first and then the building was erected around it. The press consists of a 30-quintal block with a huge wooden screw that supports the 12-metre-long walnut trunk which has a diameter of 3 metres. Every year in October the village celebrates the trades of the past, and the press is used for the famous Wine Press Festival.

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The Trails for the Modern Wayfarer have been created by a chain of Local Authorities, to promote hiking opportunities and facilities around Lake Como and the Swiss region of the Val Mesolcina in the Canton of Graubünden (French: Grisons; Italian: Grigioni). 

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