Mountain Tour guide and tour leaders

The Parco Minerario dei Piani dei Resinelli (Piani Resinelli Mineral Museum Park) consists of three 16th-century mines that have been exploited over the centuries, gradually using more modern techniques. You may visit the mines on your own, but there are also guided tours for groups and schools, educational activities and laboratories. Day and night-time visits, events held down the mines (concerts, dances). There are various tourist facilities at the site, some operating in partnership with us. Easy and more challenging excursions, nature observatories, sport and mountain climbing. MTB can be hired directly from us.

Guide Parco Monte Barro

Mountain Tour guide and tour leaders

The Parco Regionale del Monte Barro (Mount Barro Regional Park), a Site of Community Interest, is of great historical, archaeological, naturalistic and scenic value. The park authority organises guided cultural tours, nature trails and educational activities that follow historical-archaeological and ethnographic itineraries within the park.

Associazione Luce Nascosta

Hill/level ground Tour guide and tour leaders

This organisation offers guided cultural tours in and around Civate (in the province of Lecco). There are three basic itineraries: two easy tours of the artistic heritage of the old centre of Civate and of the surrounding villages and one of medium difficulty up mount Cornizzolo to the famous Romanesque church of Saint Peter on the Mount.

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The Trails for the Modern Wayfarer have been created by a chain of Local Authorities, to promote hiking opportunities and facilities around Lake Como and the Swiss region of the Val Mesolcina in the Canton of Graubünden (French: Grisons; Italian: Grigioni). 

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