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This website contains all the information you need to set out on an amazing journey on foot, to discover the natural environments, history and culture of the districts of Lake Como, Valchiavenna (in Italy) and Val Mesolcina (in Switzerland; called the Misoxtal in German).The territories have a rich history linked to the commercial interaction between northern and southern Europe. For centuries, these access routes, trodden by wayfarers, merchants, smugglers, pilgrims and armies, have made it possible for people and goods to circulate, despite geographical and political boundaries.You too can become now modern wayfarers following in the steps of those earlier travellers along these ancient pathways from northern Europe to Italy and vice versa.The website offers you, free of charge, the roadbooks, the files of georeferenced tracks, a cultural guide, photos, and details of the most fascinating places and useful facilities along the various trails (hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, farmstays, etc.).By simply clicking on the 3D MAP section you can imagine yourselves already there, by observing the trails from above as though flying. Sitting comfortably at home it will be easy for you then to choose the trail that best suits you, the places to visit, and the services to book.The services marked with the rosette of the “Wayfarers’ Friend” are those whose owners have actively contributed to creating this website. They will offer a particularly warm welcome to wayfarers walking our “Ancient Pathways through the Mountains”.The “accessible site” section allows prospective travellers with special needs to locate all relevant information contained in the website.



Category Description

Other services


Discover the other services available in the territory. This will enhance your holiday experience.


Places to discover


Along the trails you will discover breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary buildings, and places steeped in history.


Guides and accompaniers


An expert guide can transform your hike into an informed voyage through the history and culture of these fantastic places.


Info Points


Info Points will help you find out about the numerous activities available in the areas that are covered by the trails.




You gain a wonderful sense of well-being when you relax after a long walk, in comfortable surroundings with good service, thinking through all that you have felt and seen during the day.




Discover the traditional local cuisine and take full advantage of the special prices at the places that offer the “Wayfarers’ Menu”. These are marked with our rosette.


Hotels with restaurant


A good meal and then straight to bed! That’s the advantage of hotels with a restaurant. Our “Wayfarers’ Friend” rosette shows you the places most eager to offer you board and lodging.


Where to sleep


Nothing beats a good sleep! Look up all the places in the various districts that offer accommodation along our trails.


Public transport


Life without the car? A dream maybe – but on holiday it’s possible. There’s always public transport if you need it.


Other physical activities and adventure sports


So walking’s not enough for you? Then find out about other physical activities that you can indulge in along the “Trails for the Modern Wayfarer”.


Foto Gallery

We have selected for you the finest places along our routes

About Us

The Trails for the Modern Wayfarer have been created by a chain of Local Authorities, to promote hiking opportunities and facilities around Lake Como and the Swiss region of the Val Mesolcina in the Canton of Graubünden (French: Grisons; Italian: Grigioni). 

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